smokes like crazy with the choke off!

Purchased a 2000 YZF426 from a buddy with low hours and sat for a while with little use. Took it to a local dirt bike shop and they changed fluids and got it running. Just got it and when it starts with choke on all is fine with high idle and when you turn off the choke it smokes like crazy and does not idle. Any advise?

You need to clean the carb the pilot jet is probably clogged.

I am using the right buttons (black for cold engine). Once started and off choke I roke briefly around my street and it smoked like a freight train. The cycle shop told me, and charged me, that they cleaned/rebuilt the carb.

Any advise on which direction to go?

I'll ask you again, what color is the smoke?

blue smoke, oily. Will only idal with choke on.

The choke only situation is likely the result of a varnish blocked pilot jet.

When you started it, did you add oil first?

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