top off fork oil??

My right fork seal has been leaking for quite some time (about 6 months. I finally started reading and searching through the forum was was able to stop the leaking. The 35mm film method worked for me.

My question is can I top off the fork oil in that one fork so they are at the same height? The seal has not leaked for three weeks now and I take better care of them now :) . I am concerned that since the one fork was leaking so long that the fork oil levels are now at different heights.

make sure both are the same height!

Assuming I use the same type fork oil, can I add new fork oil to the existing oil to ensure the correct level? Or should I dump all of the existing oil and replace with new?

I would say it depends on the hours on the bike and condition of oil. If you are going to dive in you might as well put in some new stuff. :)


Fork oil should be changed occasionally. This may be your occasion. The simplest thing to do would be to (1) unbolt handlebars and lay them on the tank, (2) count the clicks out on the rebound clickers and record them, (3) loosen the top pinch bolts, (4) remove the fork caps, (5) measure the oil height in the good one, and (6) fill the leaking one to match.

The best thing would be to drain them completely and refill will fresh oil. Fork Oil 101 on the 250 forum would be one place to start.

Good luck,


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