o4' wr450 ignition or carb issue?

04' wr450 that i bought with a blown engine ,rebuilt the engine top and bottom end replaced new valves in head ,hot cams stage 1, carb completely disassembled and cleaned . my problem at 1/4 to 1/2 throttle bike seems to have a bad ignition missfire or spark break down i have read the threads about wr stutter i have a yz 426 and i experienced it at steady cruise but i am not sure what direction to go bad coil or cdi i have tried tps disconnect no change is it possible to be this lean to cause this i ordered a jd jetting kit (not here yet) has any one dealt with this ? how can i verify concern?

being lean makes it worse. I had the same prob with mine. I unplugged tps and re-needled it and it is much better.

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