Please need some help with jetting WR450 2006


I have big problem with my carb. in bike I think :-)

I was want to clean my carb. and maybe rejet it. Because its started to be really hot in tight technical ride even sometimes its boiled the coolant to the reservoir. And I get bog when I was rolling let say on 1 or 2nd gear and I tryed to twist the throttle pretty fast.

Ok when I take it apart I found inside

Main 170

Pilot 42

Starter 65 (stock)

Leak Jet 50 (stock)

Air Jet 80 (stock)

Jet Neddle 3rd clip from top the index "Q"

I did not count how many turn in fuel screw to bed (STOCK SCREW)

AIS removed, Grey Wire , AP oring mod, Snorkle removed, HIGASHI muffler.

ok and the horror began

finally i stop on

Main 165 (stock)

Pilot 42

Starter Stock

Leak Jet Stock

Air Jet Stock

Jet Neddle 4th clip index "R"

Fuel Screw Sunline 1,25 turns out (I tryed with stock also the same)

right now bike runs smooth, only stalled when on idle I turn quick throttle, I think its a little bit cooled, but I cant pull the front wheel on 3rd gear so easy like before and I cant pick up it without the clutch on 4th I could before without clutch

and the strange thing right now with pilot jet 42 when I turn the fuel screw all the way in the idle comes down but its the bike will not stall. I tryed with pilot 45/48/50 then was much more worse because when I turned it all the way in the idle was the same or even get higher :-( ??!?!? is there something wrong with my carb, ist could be damaged the area where tip fo the screw seats ?

I rember when I buy the bike it was couple of times in service because of problems with correct jetting always was something wrong hole in the 1/2 or bog in the 1/4 many diffrent things.

Is this only the problem with jetting is there any solution ?

I ride in 800-1500ft and temp between 20-25C

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