First ride on the 450....

Well, i took my first real ride in the wr today.. got to our destination up by houghton lake about 10:30am. about 35 degrees out. got unloaded... it didnt start with the button, and about 15 kicks later she fired. always started right up with the button the rest of the day. this has got to be the best handling bike i have ever ridden. goes thru the whoops nice and straight, and corners well. the power is excellent, you can lug it right down in the tight stuff, and get out in the open, and it screams. plenty of power for me. seemed to sputter a little when letting off the gas. im running a 48 pilot.. 160 main... and 72 starter jet. im thinking the sputtering might clear up , just by adjusting the fuel screw? this bike feels 100 pounds lighter than my xr. i'm running yz85 bars, and the bike fits me perfect. the seat is a little hard, but after coming off of an xr, what seat wouldnt be. i really need to stand up more anyway. and the best news of all......

in 40 miles... i never sheared the key. :):D :D

Cool beans bud! How was the trail, snow? Did you go to the West Higgins lake loop? ---Mike

it snowed on and off while we were there, but it wasnt sticking to the ground.. we rode denton creek, just south of houghton lake. by the way.. we met up with 3 guys on 2 stroke ktm's.. shot the shyte for a while, when we got ready to go , i hit the button.. one guy says.. heyyyyyy thats cheatin' .. i said i know it , and i love it. :)

That is a cool trail. I used to ride it all the time when it was new. I have not been tere in a while. Was it real muddy? There is one spot I saw a brand new first ride WR 426 burried to the seat! Did you park on canoe camp road? Maybe I can get out next weekend. I am going to Supercross Saturday night though. Whooohooo! It is riding time! --Mike

If you havn't already you might want to retorque the flywheel nut and locktight it.

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