Husky Boys 50S Problems

I just bought a '04 Husky Boys 50S today and I'm having a few issues with it. I bought the bike to play around on until my son is big enough to ride it. After I have ridden this bike for about 10 minutes or so and I turn it off, it is very difficult to re-start. At first the kick starter has no resistance, but after a few kicks it gets resistance again. Then it just won't fire off. I don't know hardly anything about this particular bike, I just bought it because I felt like it was a good deal ($250). Please let me know what you guys think could be wrong with it, and anything you know about the bike in general.


2004 should have the water cooled morini S6 engine, Correct?

First do a compression test then we can go from there.

Somewhere on my stupid computer I have a service manual for the S6 engine. I will see if I can find it for you.

This bike is air cooled. It may be an '03. The bill of sale says of '04 and the date is not legible on the neck. Are you thinking it may need a top end? When the bike has been sitting for an hour or so, it fires right away and it runs really strong.

it may not need a top end but a compression test is the first thing I do. now lets find out what engine you have. The S5 engine will have a ignition cover that clips on, the S6 cover bolts on. The more I think about it the more it sounds more like it could be a ignition problem. pull the cover and see how much crap (dirt water oil) is in there. it would also be a good time for regular maintenance like carb clean, fuel filter, air filter, check the reeds.

One more thing, if you need to pull the flywheel, DON'T BUY a Dennis Stubblefield puller. they DO NOT FIT! (don't ask me how I know, I was warned too) Just ask the old LEM guys. The LEM distributor even told them several times they were not right and even sent them a flywheel to make one that fit and they told him that he sent them a defective flywheel.

For Sale: one lightly used flywheel puller that does not fit the Husky 50, LEM 50, Ktm 50. :thumbsup::worthy:

I looked at Morini's web site yesterday and it is the S6 motor. I will check the ignition and see if that's what is causing it. I pulled the spark plug and it looks fine. The bike cranks right up on the first or second kick when it has been sitting for a while. It just wont re-start after a 10 minute ride. Do you guys know where to buy Husky plastics? The guy I bought it from spray painted it black and I would like to return to original specs. Also, regarding the Tomar clutch, how much are they and how hard are the to install?


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