450 acclerator cable sticking

The accelerator has to be turn back to the closed position by hand. Instead of by itself. " I will rev the motor and it will continue to rev." I looked at the spring by the accelerator pump. Could this area be lubed with anything. The screws in the housing has gotten wet because they are grey. While I was in the housing I noticed the accelerator pump lags behind the screw on it. It seems if they are sticky that might have lead to a bad spring. Does this make sense? Has anyone had a problem like this and is that spriong on the accelerator hard to replace?

Thanks Guys


I noticed the accelerator pump lags behind the screw on it.
That is normal. It is not related to the problem of the throttle not returning.

Disconnect the throttle cables and operate the throttle linkage at the carb by hand to see if it is sticking or the cables are causing your problem.

The cable that returns the accelerator back to the neutral position was froze up. Feels like new.

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