Fork spring rate question

I am going to replace my fork springs and need advice. I weigh 155# and ride single track and jeep trails. I have gone on different web sites and ran their setup for forks. MX-Tech suggests .40 Race Tech 41.5 I talked to a guy from Factory Connection and he said I should use .43 and lower my oil level to 150 mm. He said a .41 was going to be way too soft. Now I am very confused :):D:D any suggestions?

I'm 195 dry. I use .46 front and 5.2 rear. It is great for me for trails but way soft for any jumps.

Just be sure to tell the susp guy what you really want out of the bike. If he's a reputable tuner you won't be disappointed.

Try posting on the YZ or WR250 forum. Sometimes they are looking to trade their springs for the heavier springs.

If your forks transfer hits very sharply and you rarely if ever bottom them then they are setup stiff. You may want to try reducing the oil level and adjusting the compression damping too.


.42kg/mm fork springs will work for your weight, we round up for fork springs (usually), and the RT 41.5kg/mm springs would be .42kg/mm.

The MX-TECH spring guide is figured with rider geared up.

As AK-Thumper said,

A stock YZ250 has .43 fork springs which are way closer to what you need than your .46 fork springs, and if you can find some one to swap it might save you some cash.

The stock rear spring of 5.0kg/mm is good for your weight.

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