XR650L Turn Signals

I have a "98" XR650L that I have been working on. I recently replaced the stock DOT turn signals with K&S "short stalk" signals. Now for some reason the signals will either stay lit, or they will blink intermittently. All I did was plug them into the stock wiring harness. Does anyone know whats up?

The stock Honda flasher will only work with higher wattage bulbs. The flasher responds to the amount of resistance measured when the current lights up the bulb element. Your new bulbs are lower in wattage and do not create enough resistance to make the flasher work. Toss the stock Honda flasher and go down to your local auto parts store. Get a 2 prong 12V flasher. Plug it in to the harness and all will work fine again.


I agree, I bought a $2 flasher from Walmart that worked fine.

Paul Streeter

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