airbox pops with hand blocking exhaust

noticed popping coming from airbox when holding hand over end of pipe?was thinking valve seals maybe...removing hand makes it less noticable:banghead: but i can still hear it everynow and then??

I find it hard to corner when I do that.

What year of bike? Has the AIS been removed? Tight valves may have this effect, but valve seals have nothing to do with that !!!! Lastly, give your bike a tune up and stop covering the exhaust with your hand. WR Dave

Does it run fie when you're not covering your exhaust... ?

If you're blocking the exhaust then it has to find a different way out...

Dr. it hurts when I do this.?????

Uh, don't do that.

P.S. what happens when you do that to you car?

The popping you hear, I believe, is just the engine sucking in air really fast.

its a doing a rebuild /tune up as far as the money tree will allow, ais gone dave...valves were within tolerance...PS. my ol val doesnt mind what ya do to it.dr. reckons its all okay

Hey Tobias how does the bike run now? Sorry about having a little fun at your expense. I think the bike was backfiring through the carb a bit due to back pressure on the exhaust. If you block the exhaust too long the engine will die. Remember the whole "bananas in the tailpipe" thing from Beverly Hills Cop?

I don't think it is indicative of any kind of problem nor is it a very useful diagnostic on a single cylinder engine.

Send us an update and let us know how it's running. My son always sprays roost in my face when I try to outrun his WR450 with my XR400. Hopefully yours is running well.:thumbsup:

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