Cure for frequent steering stem bearing replacements

I became sick of replacing steering stem bearings on both of my YZ's so often. I decided to install a grease fitting in the steering stem and filled the frame tube holes with expanding foam. Now, I just squirt some grease into the fitting every now and then. It seems to work great! This might add just a little bit of weight because of the extra grease but it is worth it to me. I ride my bikes in some horrible conditions all year, even in the snow. I also pressure wash them because no other method will take off some of the clay-mud that we have.

Do you have any pictures that you would be willing to post of the finished product?

The current 93332-00078-00 upper bearing and a high grade marine bearing grease are a less complicated cure. Especially when you stop using a pressure washer around the steering head.

I didn't take any pictures. All you can see now is a grease fitting at the middle of the steering stem on the right side. A little bit of grease oozes out of the seals which I'm glad to see.

I realize that my bikes have severe service conditions. Yesterday, I raced in a track with about 1 foot of water on it in the rain. This was a sand track and my brakes are now metal to metal! My bikes lead a hard life so I must prepare them the best I can. I have tried waterproof greases, too. This was actually an easy modification that requires little time and expense. I will now grease my steering stem before every ride in seconds!

Plus, the bearing leaks at the upper seal. Using foam and such inside actually traps the moisture inside. I hoped that fix would work, but it did nothing for me.

I notice the 2010 yz 250 has an "improved upper seal".

what year yz do you have i never once had problems with my steel framed yamahas but now than i have the aluminum frame every time my bike sees moisture of any kind they get rusty an crunchy feeling ive replaced the seals three times an tried every kind of waterproof grease,will the 2010 seals work on the 06-09 models

The current 93332-00078-00 upper bearing and a high grade marine bearing grease are a less complicated cure. Especially when you stop using a pressure washer around the steering head.

Grayracer, Is the upper bearing you discuss the one being used on my 09' YZ450?

Thanks in advance!:thumbsup:

The seal is the same up to and including the '09 models, and some earlier '08's shipped with the old 93332-00068-00 bearing, with is still listed in Yamaha's own online parts fiche. Inspection is the only way to know which one your bike has. If you ask for one at the parts counter, you should get the 78, since the catalog/computer shows that as a replacement for the 68.

The later 93332-00078-00 bearing has an integrated seal that seals the top of the inner race to the top of the outer race, and since it is shielded to a great extent from dust and direct water contact by the upper seal, it works pretty effectively to keep water away from the rest of the bearing.

Marine grease, not water resistant or water proof, but marine grease, is still a necessity, but the new bearing is still a major improvement.

Look for a small cut in the lip of the upper seal on you aluminum bike. I've seen this on about 3 out of 4 of them.

Gray is right...Our 2 stroke yz's had 75% of the upper seals damaged from the factory. Its easy to do when putting the front back together.

The new bearing helps, but I like the marine grease as well. Still, it wont stand up to a good, long pee.

I just wanted to let you guys know that this little experiment has become a total success. I will now do this to all of my bikes. The only drawback is a little bit of grease oozing out of the steering stem. I realize that I am very hard on my bikes and the average rider probably doesn't need to do this modification. But, I know there are lots of guys out there that would benefit from it. I just wanted to share this option because this site has helped me a lot.

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