XR650R sprocket question

Has anyone tried Titax Stainless rear sprockets ?

Anybody tried 15/48 set-up?

I'm running 15/47 and the bike rips in the desert

I put one on a friend's 96 XR600 about 7 months ago and it is still looks like new. This bike has seen some serious abuse.

Hey, Thanks for responding to my question! I just ordered a set of Titax 14/50 and am looking forward to trying them at the next scramble. I have another question, does anyone know a fix for the 650's serious flooding when it gets dumped on it's side or when on extreme off camber at slow speeds? In my area I am the only 650 owner for about 50 miles around and tech. support doesn't exist. thanks for helping!


Try holding in the decomp lever and hold the throttle wide open and kick it over about 10 times. Then try starting. It should kick over on the first time. Or there is the obvious to not let it fall over. Just kidding. Good luck.


My 650r starts best when I hold the throttle wide open. The decomp. level on my bike has been removed.

I run a 15/48 combo.

I own and have run 13,14, & 15 T front sprockets for a period of time.

The 15 is great. The BRP is so powerful that it can still deliver good low speed response with a 15. Plus the 15 gives you more reach with 4th gear and 5th is an absolute blast.

13T robs you of the great WOT response in 4th gear. I keep a 13T in my travel bag and would only put it on for the nastiest single track conditions.

Hmmmmm...Interesting....a 15 tooth, huh? Just might have to try it.

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