SoCal locals - SB Mtns ride

SoCal locals - SB Mtns ride

Anyone interested in doing a scouting ride (early morning start, midweek) in the next couple of weeks? I have been scouring maps for possible new trails to tie in for some later dual sport rides. Will need a d/s bike that is street legal. It would mostly be fireroads and it will probably still be hot.

Email if interested.

Hi Rich.

Man, I have been thinking about getting a dual sporter just to do this kind of thing. I never should have sold my old XR400. It has been waaaaaaaaay to long since I've thrown a leg over anything, gotta change that ASAP.

I would love to join you but I need a plate! I may even be able to show you a few good off the beaten path trails up there.

Have fun and be safe,


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