Will '99 WR Talon hub wheel fit '06 YZ?

Question regarding wheel interchangeability from '99 WR400 to '06 YZ450. I have a line on a set of dirt track wheels from a '99 WR400, Talon hubs with Sun Rims. What I'd like to know is what I would need to do to adapt them to my new '06 YZ450? I've searched and from what I can gather I need to use wheel adapters (presumably Talon) for an '06 YZ450 correct? What about the front and rear brake rotors, would I need to buy brake rotors from '06 YZ450? Will they bolt on to the '99 WR Talon hubs?

Any info. is appreciated, thanks in advance!

Yes it will as long as you use 06 spacers.

You will need the spacers, also the 06 f&r brake rotors are larger than the 99's

Thank you guys, I will see if I can source the correct Talon hub spacers from Motostrano or QTM.

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