"Shorty" Clutch/Brake Levers

Anybody running "shorty" style levers?I see Moose makes levers with the rubberized grip material,but there is no mention if they are "shorty" design.The stock brake lever is actually ok for me, I did cut the clutch lever down a bit but still don't care for it.Any suggestions?

i got a set of the moose levers you are talking about, brake lever is similar to stock, but the clutch is way shorter. i like tham much better

Yamaha, through it's GYT-R brand, offers a shorter clutch lever with the bearing in the pivot hole. It is also billet aluminum. Check with your Yamaha dealer.

Thelimey,I was wondering if the Moose clutch lever was shorter,that's good to know.Thanks

APhantomduck,I'll check into the GYTR lever as well,Thanks

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