wr graphics

does anyone know if they make the bud light graphics, for a wr 400 2000 if so who might sell them. thanks for the help

hey, the bud light graphics to fit a yzf will fit your wr. my bro has them on his yzf, and i changed my wr tank to a yzf tank, and everything is the same shape. they might not go as high up the tank as wr graphix would, but they fit nonetheless. (they might make them for a wr, i'm not sure. i jsut know that they make em for a yzf and they would fit a wr.)

racer36 :)

nothin like announcin what you got in the cooler strapped to the rear fender, eh? :D:D:D

I'm waitin' on the Busch Light graphics to come out... :) head for the mountains...

XrRacer, great tast. I realy cant wait for the COPENHAGEN SNUFF graphics to come out. With all the money I spend on Copenhagen i wish they would just give me the graphics.

Stumpy, great tast. I realy cant wait for the COPENHAGEN SNUFF graphics to come out. With all the money I spend on Copenhagen i wish they would just give me the graphics.

The bud light set does in fact only offer the YZF style. They will go on your tank slightly mis- aligned. If your tank isnt all scratched up it could still look good though.

I have them on my WR & I have the stock tank too. The graphics are just a little shorter than what would be a perfect fit, but they look good. The blue in the graphics matches so well the the blue in the tank you can hardly tell anyway. I've got a picture but it's on my computer at work. I'll try an post one tomorrow, if I can figure out how to do it.

Who carries the Bud Light graphics, didn't see them on rockymountainmc?

hey steve wr400 that sounds nice but were did you get them

steve can you e mail me a pic to vinnyve@optonline.net label it wr bud pics

I went with the Patriot graphics. I'll try to attach a pic:


nice bike wayneo i'am in commack were do you ride, thats a nice lookin WR.

I don't understand why you would want to pay someone for you to advertise their product for them. They should be paying you.

I just don't understand you guys with $200 worth of stickers on your bike. The money could be better spent elsewhere. Like tires or riding gear.

I will not put anybody's sticker on my bike unless they are paying me or giving me a HUGE discount.

when the bike is new you spend thousands to buy Yamaha stickers with a bike attached - so whats a couple more $'s.

Sometimes you've just gotta say "that looks shmick" even though it is only encouraging the capitalist pigs.

Problem is I drink something called Southwark Bitter and I pay them a fair bit, unfortunately there are no sticker kits.

I reckon cheap custom decals (draw your ouwn picture) would make millions. Anyone know where to find them?

I wouldnt pay $200 on stickers either. This set cost me $60. Still alot, but its only $, right?


From the looks of that picture, Me thinks you keep that bike in your living room as a conversation piece :)


I must be stupid... Can't figure out how to attach a picture on this damn thing. The Bud Light graphics are made by One Industries and I ordered mine though a local shop. If you'd like a picture, I can e-mail it to ya. Just e-mail me at steve.scheidig@cmcsg.com & i'll forward ya a copy.

Damn....I'm still trying to figure out why the stripes on my Patriots are Orange?


Bonzai :)

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