floating front disc. excessive play

The front brake disc on my bike has a lot of play where it floats. I can move it forward and backward a lot. I have another front wheel with a disc on it that is nearly new so I know what a good one should feel like. My question is. Is there a way too tighten it up? Has anyone else warn one out where it floats? I figured that the braking surface would wear out but not the floating connection.

Some earlier rotors seemed looser than you'd think they should be when they were cold. Try checking it after it's been ridden for a while (wear gloves! ). If it seems tight then, it's probably at least serviceable. As long as the rotor is not at risk of falling off, the looseness does no harm.

I don't know of a certain way to uniformly tighten the "rivets" that anchor the rotor, unfortunately. Someone may have some experience with that.

Thanks for the reply. I believe that the looseness is probably of no harm, but sometimes when braking it makes the front end feel loose. Its kind of annoying. The wheel is a 06 so its not that old.

On another note. Can you or anyone else tell me what years of front wheels are interchangeable with a 06? When searching ebay, I'm getting some conflicting info.


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