Has anybody reversed their rear tire?

I was thinking about doing for and upcoming dual sport ride.The tire is not that bad and still has semi-sharp edges on one side.

I flip all my rear tires around to get a few more miles out of them.

My buddies do it all the time and don't seem to have trouble. I (piss my wife off) and buy new ones half way through. :)

Flip it. The arrows on tires work when the tire is new. After the knobs round off it will work better reversed.

If in doubt, throw it out :)

Actually, i go the extra mile and flip it twice... it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. :)

Have a good trip to Big Bend!!

RedBaron, welcome to ThumperTalk!!! If there is a chance you can meet us in BigBend on April 10th, as usual, I have a street legal XR400 you can ride.

Yeah I have done it, it was no big deal it really didnt seem to work all that well. It certainly is no new tire, so you just have to decide if it worth the work.

For all the work involved it does not seem to be worth it to flip em. Just my 2 cents

Has anybody cut the knobs square using a hot knife? Can this be done faster that switching tires?

I've got a hot knife too. I will only flip it if I have a reason, like a flat. Generally I toss it after 15 rides or about 750 miles. I think the hot knife is worth it for a soft to medium hard rubber. If its a hard rubber like a cheng sheng you have to fight it, even it its a new blade. Works good on the IRC VE33 I run. Lately the tire sales around here make it easy to replace the tire without a flip or a cut.

Red Baron must have Popeye sized arms to Love to flip tires twice! Do not arm wrestle with a guy who goes to those lengths to save money. You will loose. :)

Angle grinder with a cutting blade also works.


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