shims adjustment ?

how do you tell when the shims need doing on your bike.

mine starts first kick hot or cold but as of late its been getting a pig to start off the button.

so much so i find my self using the kick start all the time.

it a 05 model get an oil change after every ride and done around 2400 miles.


For a bike that gets regular service I would say to check the valves at least once per year. If you are racing the bike and lacking service or using cheap oil products then it needs to be checked much more frequently. Sounds like you need to get in there for a look. The starter could also be turning the engine a bit slower as it wears and that could cause the engine to not want to start as easily. A stretched cam chain should be checked for as well. I usually start cold off the kicker , then use the e-start after the engine is warmed up. One other thing is to make sure you set the engine to TDC with the kicker using your hand at the end of every day. This will let all the valves be closed while the engine is off. WR Dave

thanks good tip that about TDC my starter does make a hell of a noise, the noise that go,s through you if you know what i mean.

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