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Well the weekend came and the weekend went, far to fast for us at the 1st annual West Coast ThumperTalk ride. To start with the weather was perfect all weekend and the Lake was just as good. It was a real pleasure jumping into that water after Saturdays Short ride for me.

All in all everyone had a great time; Morning Star Campground had nothing but compliments on how ThumperTalk people are a credit to the sport and community, please email them a thank you at pkm@foothill.net. They actually had to call the sheriff on a camp group in 1 or 2, these guys just kept riding bikes and causing trouble and disrespecting Diana and Kay . As I said, they were completely amazed that we could be as cordial, polite and responsible as we were. :D

Camp group A consisted of Ego & Daughter, Big Blue One, Fryboy, Cisco, WRMike250f & Son, Mark Bailey & Son, Jschner, Cubby, Keith King, Oat Meal Pie, MotoJason and the Misses, Kevin the Misses and Daughter, RacenAce, Jeff Spencer, Dennis and Scott Varney. Suzuki Stu had a Crew in Camp 12, Dan dp400, Jay jaybert600, Jerry carvingmud, and Chris, Even though the Suzuki Guys kept to themselves, Dan The KTM rider was pretty friendly :D . It would not have been a success with out you all; all that participated deserve a pat on the back for making this a great ride. There was so many of us and so few time to learn everyones name. I kept calling motojason James, Sorry Jason :D even my daughter was smacking me on that one.

Jschner & Cubby got there on Thursday night and the rest started filling in on Friday. When we got there Jschner and Cubby had already gone out for some rides. They looked like they just had someone throwing some serious dirt at them, See Pics at end of this.

Friday morning arrivals were Suzuki Stu and Crew, Fryboy and myself. Big Blue showed later that afternoon. By 3 pm we had people trickling in and getting setup. Allot of us gathered around Jschner’s Cannondale kicking tires asking questions, hopping on and bouncing the suspension. Awesome bike, I was going to let him ride my YZ426 but I did not want to see him on the DEFECTING post :D . Jschner has his own Cannondale web site and posted a pretty good write up on it, See Links Below.

Friday shows went for a pretty good ride, they all came back in great spirits and this started the Bench-racing for the weekend. This to me was the best part, watching and listening to all the stories after the groups came back in. Friday night was really cool as we settled in and more and more of the attendees showed. Suzuki Stu and crew came over, everyone pretty much gathered around the camp fires and traded stories, drank brewskies and in general had a great time just ThumperTalking. It was great to see the online become real time with us all face to face. Well we were standing around when out of the darkness come OAT MEAL PIE, on the road 11 hours from SomeDangPlace, Oregon, beating RaceinAce by 200 miles. So we did the polite thing warned him about the bears and crashed out, Oatmeal slept in his truck. :) Nah we all crashed out about 11 or so.

Saturday morning as everyone gathered for the first ride, Cisco’s buddy a Forest Hill Fast Guy known as Cosmo, took the expert guys out for a 50-mile loop through loops 5 & 6. We planned on meeting them at China wall staging area for a gas stop. Meanwhile Fryboy and Big Blue took their teams out for the intermediates on loops 4,5 & 6 I think. My daughter, friend Paul and I went out on our own, she is way to fast for these guys so I did not want to intimidate anyone with her blazing speed and style. The DRZ guys were kind of shaken when they say her on that xr70, I think Suzuki Stu was so badly shaken he just fell down and rasberried his elbow pretty good, Well that’s what dp400 told me. :D

Well the contests did not go as planned, mainly due to the time it took for everyone to get back from the first rides in the morning. We did settle in for lunch and started the bench racing but as it turned out I think it was just as much fun hearing the real stories of everyones morning ride. By the time everyone was refueled rested and ready to go it was about 3 pm and the second round of rides proceeded. This pretty much was a free ride time and everyone just partnered up and took off. Again my daughter, friend Paul and I just took off and did our thing for awhile, total time in the saddle for my daughter was 12 miles, and honestly she did real well and I was impressed, to say the least (I’m Not Biased either). :D

I did manage to take about a 30-minute ride with Big Blue and my bud Paul. As we headed back we stopped down at the loop 1 break, I had to water some trees for the greenies (Ya Know contribute something back) when Fryboy and his crew flew by. The race was on, well in my mind it was. Blue, Paul and I started right up behind them and started to, pass one at a time, I caught blue and Motojason and proceeded to breath dust, until I saw a break right in the trail, I took it and passed them both. Well that’s my story and Blue has it on video :D . Anyway it was great getting out and hooking up with everyone.

Saturday night as everyone came about, we had the Raffle drawing, seeing we did not get any of the contest at all, we compromised and just kept pulling tickets out of the hat until all prizes were gone. The list of prizes winners is below. Saturday night was totally awesome, full moon, temp was probably 70 - 75 +-, and everyone was just kicked back Thumpertalking and sharing stories. It was right then I new this was a success, I met up with Dan aka dp400 who has a daughter about my daughter’s age, we are going to start hooking up at Hollister. Others are doing the same thing as the conversations continued and the friendships began to take hold. Suzuki Stu and I shared some stories of the Old San Jose Mile and watching the old timers, Brelsford brothers, Beauchamp, Keener, Roberts, Lawell, Romero and all the old trackers. We talked about how we choose our Handles like Oatmeal Pie, Jschner Suzuki Stu and so on. By 11 pm everyone pretty much was cooked and turned in.

Sunday Morning everyone started to pack, I swear I saw Fryboy Crying over at his campsite. It ended way to quick, We got so much feed back Saturday Night and Sunday Morning about when to have another 2nd Annual West Coast Ride, we just posted a date of May 2003 sometime after Mothers day. Forest Hill is only 4 + hour drive for myself and others, we were all willing to just come and ride meeting up with some of the guys that ride the area allot, WRMike, Cisco, Fryboy, BigBlue and others. Hollister was mentioned and I am sure we will be doing some rides this winter there as well. One last ride was committed too; Big Blue, Keith King, Oatmeal Pie, WrMike and Mark Bailey went out. About 30 minutes later Big Blue comes back asking for some rope, Keith Seized his WR and it took a YZ to pull Him Back home. Everyone took this as last ride omen and called it a weekend. No one got hurt, one bike was broke and My Ego was bolstered by the weekend success.

The Campsite was closed down, packed up and the ThumperTalk sign was taken down, signifying the end of a great weekend but the beginning of new friendships and a yearly annual ride. Thanks to all that showed up this ride would not have been as good as it was with out you all, Keep on Thumping.

Grand Prize Raffle Winners

<ul type="square">[*]1st grand prize keith King Moto Master Ultra lite oversized front roter kit[*]2nd grand prize Big Blue $150.00 Gift Cert Pro Moto Billet[*]3rd Grand Prize Scott Varney Custom Bike Stand, Air filter and Side covers from Linge racing

Raffle winners <ul type="square">[*]RacenAce = Seal Savers, DrD Hat & Tshirt and a DrD Hot start[*]Big Blue = DrD Tshirt and Seal Savers[*]Keith King = Drd Hat[*]FryBoy = DrD HotStart, DrD Hat & TShirt[*]Cisco = DrD Hat & Tshirt[*]Mark Bailey and Son John = DrD Hat, CFC DRZ Ignition and cluths case savers and Seal Savers[*]Todd (Oatmeal Pie) = DrD Hat & Tshirt and Seal Savers[*]Dennis and Scott Varney = CFC DRZ Ignition and Clutch Case Savers, DrD Hat & Tshirt[*]Kevin and Daughter Seal Savers and DrD Hat for Daughter[*]WRMike and Son Arron = DrD Hotstart, DrD Hat & Tshirt and seal savers

Links and reviews by ThumperTalkers Jschner WCTT Cannondale group rep

dp400 KTM group rep

TheTruckeeGuy DRZ group rep of many DRZ's

The PicsI am getting a video made up this will take some time to edit. Stay tuned

West Coast Ride Pics

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