Cheap AIS removal kit

Here in Argentina it's almost impossible to buy an AIS removal kit for my WR, so

I used a medium allen bolt, some safety wire and soldering to make my own kit.

Tell me what you think about it...

After rejetting the nasty popping sound dissapeared and the bike runs smoother...



Good job, but you could also have sealed the rubber pipes with a bolt or 2 ....

but yes looks good if you are going for the cleaned out look.

Regarding Stevho comment.

If you plug the rubber hoses with a bolt or ball bearing is there any adverse effect to the AIS pump or other parts?

You will need to plug the airbox aswell as the other 2 pipes at the engine.

Then you can remove the whole pump.

My bike ran richer when I removed it ... it sounded richer??!?

Yes, it runs a little richer now, but we are in winter season so it's perfect!

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