Guilty as charged!

I forgot on thought I had be for I concluded...

This is the FIRST time I have been lashed out at by a fellow dirt bike rider concerning trail systems, hunting seasons, logging road issues, noise and MY right to ride.


FTD I think you just need to put yourself in there shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were the hunter. I'm sure anyone would be pissed if you were getting ever closer to your pray only to have it scared off by a bunch of motorcycles.

I am an avid hunter. I hunted ducks 30+ days last year. It happens to me all the time duck hunting but that is life. I hunt on some penninsulas and there is a ton of foot and boat traffic. I've had tons of flocks flare that were locked up due to foot or boat traffic. If it pisses me off, I go to where there isn't boat or foot traffic.


If a hunter doesn't want to be bothered by motorcycles while they're out hunting then don't hunt on or around a shared-trail. There is far more back country here in Idaho to be used for hunting than what is available to ride on. I respect hunters but I expect them to understand that when hunting on a shared-trail they have a good possibility of having motorcycle/atv traffic.

I took hunters safety and went elk/deer hunting 2 years ago for the first time and while all hunters don't fit the "Crazy" statement, I can guarantee you there are a ton of guys out there who are drinking their asses off, hunting from the side of the road, shooting animals to fill buddies tags, shooting while on a motorized vehicle etc, all of which are illegal. I've been there and seen it first hand when some redneck clown with a 7mm Mag takes 16 shots to down one Elk. To ignore the fact that this "Stereotypical Hunter" doesn't exist is a joke.

When done in a responsible manner, hunting serves a very real need in controlling big game population since most predators have been eliminated.

Hunting season for big game here in Colorado lasts from the beginning of August till the end of December. I realize that each guy only gets a week but that's irrelevant considering the fact that the season is 5/12 of the year depending on the area. To completely stay out of the forest for that time is unreasonable. I can guarantee you that there are at least as many non hunters in the forested areas as there are hunters with people hiking, 4-wheeling, fishing, mountain biking, motorcycling, etc. I find your statement "riding during elk season is just plain disrespectful" very biased and completely unrealistic. It's just as disrespectful for hunters like us to lay claim to the entire area for our own interests.

I agree that you need to be respectful of all groups, hikers, hunters, mountain bikers, horse riders, etc. I try to be as multi use friendly as possible and so far in my 26 years of riding it's worked out pretty well for me.

By the way, I just sent in for my tags yesterday.

Just my $0.02

Colorado Season Dates :)

I never hunt on public land. But I have seen how many hunters use quads to get around. I think more hunters are disturbed by other hunters than any thing else.

Lets all be friends and be nice to each other.

I'll sing the first verse of Kumbaya.

First, I want to appologize to FTD for a typo in my previous post. It appeared that I typed "don't be a bitch" when what I intended is "don't bitch". I'm not into calling anyone names, just debating. I'm sorry.

I just want to make a few points here and then lay off this whole thing. FTD, you put this post up to get feedback and you did, supportive and non-supportive. In fact, your exact question was something along the lines of "should I feel guilty". This is in fact a great discussion because both sides have chimed in just about equally and opinions can be developed on your own, not by stereotypes. Take it for what it is because you asked for it. No bad will wanted here, so I appologize for any anger I may have caused. Just look at it as differing opinions.

1. I am a dirtbiker and a hunter and can see both sides to this argument. However, I know of dozens of places to ride that aren't hunted areas. I don't ride in the high country during rifle season because it's just plain dangerous. I don't recall seeing hunters at Rampart, Sugarloaf, Lefthand Canyon, Pueblo or any of the local tracks around Denver during season and I'm sure someone could provide a list for Idaho as well.

2. The sterotypical hunter does no doubt exist, but he is much less prevelant than the sterotypical dirtbiker.

3. vmax, I would be willing to bet that there are more hunters in the woods on any given day during rifle season than any other single endeavor that day - skiing included. Don't forget this state's economy is impacted much more by hunting than skiing, that is unless you like making Vail Associates wealthier by buying $7 hot dogs, instead of a small town dinner in one of the countless hunting towns in the state). By the way, CWD has never had a case of human infection (not saying I'm still not respectful of it).

4. When a riding area is closed, don't wonder who did it. You will find that this is probably one of the few times the sportsman's lobby teams up with the "green" lobby, making a pretty formidable foe. The main point I was trying to get across in this whole mess is that if you're going to ride at those times, realize in the long run, you're going to lose that area to ride because you're pissing people off. The trend today is closing down riding areas, all dirtbikers know that. I see posts all the time about closures, so why perpetuate it, when you could just ride somewhere else? I want to keep riding through the beautiful and challenging high country and that's not going to happen if you piss off the "giant" that has more power than dirtbikers ever will.


you wrote:

By the way, CWD has never had a case of human infection (not saying I'm still not respectful of it).

There are a few medical personnel in Denver that will debate that issue. We lost a member of our staff to an unknown disease. The medical professionals were tracking the cause very carefully because the effects were very similar to a human form of CWD.

So please be very careful and have the meat tested!!



You guys got other places to ride around there I'm gussing, right. I know it kind of bits, but it's sort of a respect for what others do kind of situation, we ask as much. BUT, I totally understand where your coming from, the trails are open for riding, and on that front your comitting no bad ju ju.

In a previous life living in South Dakota, I was an avid hunter of both big and small game. Never ran into a 4-stroke cruzing through where I was hunting, but since the hunting season is only a month out of the year, I might hope that I could hunt in peace for the weekend I get a year.

Don't feel bad, just understand that they get this one or two weekends out of a year.

Peace bro...

Dodger :):D

ColoradoXR, I'm not trying to argue with you or give you a hard time but where are you getting your statistics?

In a typical year, Colorado has 12 million skier days a year. On skier day equates to one lift ticket. According to, Skiers spend about $1.7 billion in Colorado, which has an estimated $4.2 billion economic impact for the state.

I find it hard to believe that hunters have a higher economic impact on our state than skiers. I've lived in Colorado since 1977 and skiing has always been the largest sector of tourism here. Total hunting permits in Colorado were less than 533,000 in 2001. This would mean each hunter would need to spend over $8,000 to equal $4.2 billion that skiers spend.

On top of that, 30% of the total hunting licenses are non-resident. This means that they have no say as to how the land in Colorado is used. This leaves 377,000 registered, Colorado Hunters. Many of which own 4-wheel drives and atv's so closing areas to their use hurts them as well.

When I was referring to people who are using the forest land, I'm not saying one specific group has more people than hunters. I'm talking about all users versus hunters on any given day. Although, when you look at the fact that there are 12 million skier days divided by say 6 months (180 days) worth of skiing, it means that each day has around 67,000 skiers. The total hunting permits were only 533,000, or around 8 skier days.

2001 Hunting Stats by State

A tired thread.

hunting is all about being in the right place at the right time. LOL take it from me no real skill involved. Most animals actually just stand and watch the motorvehicles go by. :)


You're correct that skiing is Colorado's top revenue generator. Going back about 15 years hunting was number 1. Skiing has taken over with hunting second and tourism comes in at number three.

As far as riding and hunting, mutal respect is the word. I ride and hunt. During hunting season I take my ATV but, it stays in camp until I need it to go after a downed animal. The national forest is there for all of us. We need to show respect for all users of this resource.

Nuff said! :)

They call hunting a sport. Mabe if the animals could shoot back.

hhhhmmmmm...I would guess that Bamster doesn't hunt!

What do you think Dr. Watson?


:usa:Been reading TT for a long while, waiting for my WR450F and the wife's TTR125l to come in. Just got told last week it wouldn't be in until May, so if there are any in a showroom anywhere.....

Guess my job! Not only did I move to Colorado from the Idaho Panhandle, I hunt and recreate in the motohead way, and work for the Man.

Some ground rules,

Bikes passing horses from behind,stay behind a ways until there is an area for the horse riders to pull off, then putt-putt past.

Head-on, turn off the bike and get to the downhill side, start up again after they are past 50 yards away.

Hiker's- just slow down and let them get off the trail, and ride by and wave.

Mountain bikes-seems to me for some reason they can't hear us well, if passing from behind wait until there is an area to for them to pull off, then go.

For the guys that ride in Stanely, ID. Ride where you ride, but maybe you guys should take the families to Utah or Nevada and explore new places that week. Call whatever agency that adminsters the land and ask for alternatives. Talk to the Law Enforcement Officer or Travel Management or Trails Staff.

Waiting for the bikes.

Don't feel guilty. you have just as much right to be there as the hunters. Where I'm from, riding areas were not being closed by enviro's or hunters, they were being closed by frivolous law suits lodged by people who blame others for their own stipidity. If the riding areas get closed in your state by hunters complaining, then they are much more stupid than any stereotype. If these areas are closed to ORV'ers (including hunters on ORV's), how long do you think it will take other, more extreme, groups to close these areas to hunters also. The fact of the matter is, we are both a minority. Most people could care less if we were ALL banned from these areas. The only way both sports will survive, is through mutual respect and support. I don't hunt anymore, but I'm still a member of the NRA and various other groups that support hunting. The tree huggers and safetycrats have been succesful at closing land because they all banded together. We need to do the same to keep these areas open. They belong to all of us. Lets keep it that way. If you love to ride, ride. If you love to hunt, hunt. Do both responsibly and your grandchildren will be able to enjoy them too. If not, you had better stock up on video games and kids movies because that will be the only exiting thing left for them to do. That is, untill they are banned also. :):D

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