Newbie WR450 or DRZ400(KLX400)

WR450? You'd have to pay me to ride it and make me grow a mullet. ...

"Cisco Kid... Wasn't a friend of mine"

I have heard that when you buy a DRZ from your friendly American Suzuki dealer they give you a free pair of "Oakley Blades".... That could be the only reason why all DRZ riders wear them....Along with their cool hockey hair-doos.

Kisses, Dan :)

:D:) Thanks Dan.

Congrats on the Green Machine George!

What are Oakely Blades?

Enjoy your Kawazuki. I hope it's poor performance makes up for your lack of willingness to put any effort into riding. Anything you want to perform well needs to be wrenched on and often.

Oh yeah, if you think that woodruff key is a problem wait until the clutch basket explodes on your limey.

Yeah the Yamaha's need to be worked on because they are pretty close to a ready to race bike.

oh crap I have just got rid of my drz400e and awaiting delivery of a wr450.

I think it should be more reliable than the tm400t i just took back.

Went out once and everything went wrong.

Took it back now awaiting a wr450 ...

The drz was fantastic for reliability and has been a real good bike for the last 12months, but I want something a little faster... :)

All these woodruff key problems have me worried.

Most of the lads I'm out with have wr426's and they have been really good up to press.

Hope my 450 aint gonna be a right pig. :D


Has anyone ever taught you about manners? :)

George gathered information and opinions before making his decision. Now that he has made an informed decision everyone except you has been polite and said "enjoy the bike" etc. . . Regardless of if you agree with his decison, why not be polite or keep quiet.

Not everyone has the time or inclination to work on bikes all the time. Some of us have jobs and families which prevent constant tinkering on a bike. Why badmouth a guy for wanting a bike he can ride with no hassels? Why criticize his new ride by saying "wait until the clutch basket explodes on your limey". I can hardly believe you said that! :D

I believe you owe George a public apology on this forum. I expect George is several years older than you, since you claim to have your bike your living room and George has been riding for 25 years. Have you heard of respect for your elders?

wyohorse ,

it's hard to know the tone of the post. I'm always joking around and that sometimes comes out wrong. I think your right about the manners comment. If someone wants your advice, respect their right to not take it.


Your point is well taken. I appreciate some good natured joking and poking fun at one another as much as anyone. I thought the tread regarding Claudio and his WR450 blowing up twice was great, even if it resulted in some of us apologizing and eating a little crow. Some of you guys nearly always crack me up and brighten my day a little.

My concern here was the comment went past appropriate good natured joking. I thought the comment was bordering on malicious. If I am wrong, I will accept that and act accordingly.

Who cares what color we are riding as long as we are out and having some fun! Happy trails to all.

HarenHound..... grow up. Youve got sh!t for manors. I bet your a Jerry Springer and Limp Bizkit fan club member too......

This guys just looking for opinions not your smart ass remarks. :)

Oh My God!!! Does somebody need their huggies changed? One word folks, SARCASM!! Lighten up or go to the tree hugger sites. George, hope to see you on the trails. Have fun on the new scoot. Welcome to TT. Please don't be offended by some of the responses to your questions, Anonimity brings out the worst in people (remember; SARCASM)! :D:)

GeorgeS "no worries mate"....enjoy your new bike.One of the fun parts of our sport is the whole mystery of selecting a bike.It gets even better the more you ride the new bike and discover its strong points and not so strong points. Hopefully at some point it will meet your riding expectations.And you too can become a thinned skin loyalist like the rest of us. :D

So just ride the thing ,tinker here and there and don't worry about some of us cranky old Blue guys. :)

And by the way Blades are the official eye wear of the Mullet. :D

No offence taken, A little sarcasim is always fun and I understand some guys attachment to their bikes and brand loyalty. The KLX400 is the best bike for me at this point, that's not saying it's a better bike than the WR. As I always say "It doesn't matter what you ride as long as you ride". :D

Keep the rubber side down and the right hand cranked :D

03 KLX 400R (Green is Mean) :)

I race every weekend, have had no problems, but still think on the key every time I start the bike. It is the best bike I have owned, and I have not had a problem. If I were you I'd go with the XR, because you are not racing and want a reliable bike. Yamaha is bullshitting all of us on this problem.

Congrats on the Green Machine George! I posted before I read all the posts. Got a little nasty did'nt it? I have seen this before as I was pondering a new scoot. Good luck on the new ride, I'm sure you will love it, and have fun! :)

George, beleive it or not, I was sitting on a KLX400 wondering if I had made the right decision when my salesman came up to me and told me that my WR was in. If I were to buy another bike right now, as a stablemate to my wr, it would be the KLX. I had an RM with those forks and I loved them. It looks so choice in green. I hope Suzuki is kicking themselves for using that ugly(in my opinion, please no hate mail) lemon yellow color. The aftermarket is huge for your scoot, have fun personalizing it. :)

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