Electrex Dakar Kit on WR450

Has anyone successfully mounted one of these on their WR450? I ordered one, hoping for a “plug&play” installation since my mechanical & electrical skills are modest.

I decided to use the stock tail lamp; it already has a tail/brake light. I cut off the Yamaha connector & added 3 bullet connectors. No problemo. The rear turn signals went on the stock WR fender nicely.

Next, I tried to fit the Dakar headlamp assembly. I removed the original headlamp, the bracket that held 4 Yamaha quick disconnects, & the odometer. The Dakar HL assembly mounted okay, but there wasn't any room left for the odometer :). I really wanted to keep the odo.

I draped the Dakar wire harness in place to see how it would all fit together. Now I was getting concerned, the Dakar bullet connectors for the stator/kill/ground don’t match _anything_ I could find on the Yamaha wire harness. Also, there was no e-start button on their handlebar switch. Okay, I’d just use the stock one.

Before I go any further, I thought I’d ask advice from y’all. I can still get the bike back to sock easily (before I add the brake banjo switches).

The way I see it, I’ll need to do more cutting & fitting if this is really going to work. Not exactly what I had in mind. Of course I may be overlooking something. If not I’m ready to send it back & try a Baja Design or make my own kit. Looks like front turn signals would mount on the stock HL assembly, & a horn should fit in there too. The bike already has a battery so that’s covered (why is there a battery in the Dakar kit anyway?).

I’m not panicked, just frustrated, since I really wanted to dual-sport with this. I have two weeks before I take Richard Lafferty’s Dirt School < http://www.richlafferty.com/ > and was hoping to have it finished by then.


the thing that scares me about some of those kits is hitting a tree on a tight single track trail, and wiping out the very expensive headlight assembly.

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