Get my WR450 to turn

The steel framed WR's handle like dump trucks but the aluminum bikes handle much better.

I'm sure the problems you are experiencing are due to bike setup or riding style. The front tire is where I would start. I like the stock 739 but alot of people don't.

Our trails are all very tight to keep the quadiots out and my WR never loses the front end.

How much free sag do you have, on my 06 it sags about 1/4 inch (hardly any), found this to be the best -- I'm 215 to 225lbs. + gear -- .48 factory connection front --- 5.8 race tech rear -- 7.5 weight oil --- don't know the height of the oil? -- d.o.t. Track Master Tires K760 ( not the best rubber out there, but a great all around tire and last a long time :thumbsup: ) 10 - 12 psi. -- nuetral in the clamps -- 12 rebound -- 13-15 comp. You have not mention your set-up and weight -- ? did you get a bad rear spring ? the right rear spring and very little free sag is soooo important!! The heavier fork oil will help with the bumps and rebound on turns. I found that when my bike was set up for corners that I had to time the woops right and sharp bumps or the ass end will kick me in the butt lol.Your KTM was on a diet compared to the wr -- Try to keep your rpm low(up a gear) and slip the clutch to keep the moving mass of the engine from try'n to make the bike vertical while in a turn? I have read that off-set clamps work wounders for tight woods and read somewhere about triple valveing had great resaults as mentioned in prev. post!!

Steer with the rear :thumbsup:

Twist your right hand and it will turn

how much rear race sag are you running? I also ride a KTM300 and Yamaha YZ250, And a them all to turn good!...You have a "push" so basically you need more weight on the can get it 2 ways...lower the front by raising the forks in the clamps...or raising the rear...also where you sit on the bike, perhaps roll the bars ahead a little more...get your elbows up, check the tire pressure...11-13psi in the woods....try 3-4 more rebound..

After all this if you get head shake on decel over chop then go 2-4 on the comp in...

The Yamaha will not turn like the KTM...the steering angles are different...Yamies are made to be stable going straight and turn ok...

Well I put 58 miles yesterday. Made some changes and I think I am 90% there. This is what I have done so far. Resprung the forks and shock for my wieght. Raised the forks in the clamps to the sencond line. Set the sage to the 100 mm or 3.9 in. Kept setting my comp and damp on both the forks and shock. I don't know were they are right now I have to recheck my settings to see were they are at this time. The biggest thing that I did was get rid of the Millville on the front and replaced it with an S12. The tire made the biggest gain of any thing that I have done so far. A also got ride of the tall guts seat and returned to the stock seat.

The set up I have right now is pretty good. I was able to enter the corners aggresively and power out of them. On vacation all this week so I plan on putting many more miles on.

My WR had a Millville front on it when I got the bike. Its a good tire on a light bike. I went with a 100/90/21 Bridgestone Which really helped keep the front end from digging in on the corners.

Currently I`ve done some more mods to it and it absolutely sticks like glue in the corners!!!!! :thumbsup:


Nice bike but that is not what I was talking about. Funny tho

OK, you mentioned that you set your sag, now how much free sag do you have?

This is the sag with you off the bike, this will tell you if you have the correct spring rate? 1/4 to no more than a 1/2 inch of free sag, after you have set your sag correctly? From there some rider's will tighten the spring up some more and have no or little free sag at all?

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