Part # 5JG-14591-00 for the 2001 WR426???

Does anyone know if the YZ throttle stop/spring adjustment screw part # 5JG-14591-00 is the correct part to install in my 2001 WR426? If so, how much did it approximately cost you? How hard is this mod to perform? Will I notice the difference?

Thanks in advance for the information! Happy THUMPIN!!



FourStroker, I don't have the YZ part number readily available, I had it not long ago when I tried to order one. It was backorder so I just bought the WR (dealer removed mine) and cut 10mm off of it. It was like 10 bucks from the dealer. Same for the YZ if you find one. Its a simple matter of unscrewing it and screwing the new one back in. Somewhat hard to get to. It will be a big difference. You are only using perhaps 2/3 of you available throttle with the stock WR throttle stop.

Here's the part number: 5JG-14591-00-00

It is $10.76 through any Yamaha dealer. On the 2001 YZ426 carburetor schematic it's number 57.

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