spark arrestor compatibility

I have an 06 yz450F with Yoshimura exhaust. The problem is i didn't get the spark arrestor with it from the guy when i bought it (used).

Will any old brand of screen/spark arrestor fit in there?

Also, when i look up the Yoshimura ones, they say 'Low Volume', if I buy one of those will it have an adverse effect on power?

The one in my FMF is pretty basic a screen cone with a screw fastening it to the outlet on the sliencer,I find the power loss is not noticeable but I,m sure there is some.My guess is if it fits in outlet it should work.

"Low volume" would put me off, too. The screen should be dome shaped or conical to increase it's area and reduce its resistance.

I can't tell whether I have the sparky in my DRD or not by the way it runs.

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