Ring Nut Wrench?

I need a 'ring nut wrench' to loosen the nut below the top triple clamp so I can install the lower triple clamp....Yamaha lists the tool part number in the WR manual but my dealer says that number doesn't show up in their books. I asked them what their mechanics use but they just gave me some stupid answer....Anyone know where I can find a ring nut wrench online for that nut....Do I need a particular size? I hate dealing with the dealer here...seems like every question you ask them just gets a blank stare or stupid answer...I think they just want you to let them do the work....and I wouldn't let them work on my wheelbarrow...

I used an adjustable spanner wrench. You should be able to get spanner wrenches at auto parts stores for cheap.

Just use a pair of channel locks. This nut doesn't have to be torqued. It is only used to seat the bearings into the Steering head. The big nut does need to be torqued. Read the specs as I don't recall exact torque.


MotionPro has one that hooks to the torque wrench like the factory model. May be the factory model.

If this is too tight (can get that way just from rotating to triple clamp when top nut's loose), you get weird gyroscope feelings while turning.

Good luck,


There is a special tool from Yamaha, and it is a very special price too... about US$70 or more for what is basically a piece of flat bar with a 1/2" sq hole in it. Go to any parts/tool store and get a c spanner - in fact, pull the Snap-on truck over and you will still get it cheaper than Yamaha...

You can also just improvise with other large tools, you do need to tighten the but so there is no slop in the headstem (pull the forks back and forth with front wheel off the ground) but also not too tight so the steering binds either.

Good luck,


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