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The only thing missing was Jane Fonda! NBC is trying desperately to downplay Peter Arnett's "impromptu interview" on Iraqi TV praising the Iraqis and saying the coalition's efforts and plans have been a failure, yada, yada, yada. Arnett telling the Arab world the U.S. "underestimated the Iraqi resolve and ability to fight... and are now having to rewrite their plans... I told the American people it would be like this... (and on and on)" What an idiot!!! Let's just encourage them to prolong the war and make it even bloodier!

I don't care what damage control and spin NBC tries to put on it. I watched the interview excerpts on Fox and can damn well make up my own mind what he said and meant. What a traitor! NBC is responsible for his actions as their employee, and had better do more than "spin" it!

Hope somebody punches his ticket! :) What a P.O.S.!!! :D

Let's strap him to the first MOAB they drop on the Republican cockroaches and let him tell them in person... there will be enough pieces of him to go around... :)


Sorry I missed that. No cable. When did he do it?

Good job Red Baron. I saw the interview and have been fuming ever since thinking I could not give that traitor a piece of my mind. Now that I did, I feel better. Here we are, doing what the rest of the world will not, or cannot, do and he has the nerve to patronize the same people who parade our dead heroes through their streets. Arghh !

Thank you RedBaron! That did feel good!

Did you guys see Herolo(sp)? I didn't but, my dad called this morning to say he received a military escort out of the country.

The only reason I "might" think he said what he said was to get the hunkered down Iraqi's out of their holes to make it easier for the US forces to blow them away without having to do a door to door search through Baghdad. I'm not trying to make an excuse for him either as he really might be that ignorant.

You do have to realize that our fighting forces really know how bad it can get going door to door. The same people who are fanatics will still want to fight, and if Arnetts ignorant comments bring them out thinking they might have more of a chance at victory, and they end up in the open and easy targets, I think that would work better for the US and the outcome of this war.

Arnett also might have felt he was in a position to save his own ass too. Who knows.

Most of the media with the exception of Fox News and the New York Post weren't for the war. They don't want to be wrong so they slant the news. Geraldo did get the boot for being stupid. He talked about a operation that hadn't taken place yet on the air. After Al Capones tomb I don't see how he got hired in the first place. Most of the military experts on TV have been out of the military for years and their knowledge is very dated.

A good website to get information from is www.lucianne.com.

Geraldo! Thank you! Talk about a brain fart this morning :)

Thats okay we know what you meant. :)

NO! don't escort him out of the country, leave him there as a human shield.

Peter Arnett is a citizen of New Zealand. If he were an American, I'd call him a traitor. His remarks certainly raised the morale of the Iraqi's thereby providing them with aid and comfort. Since he is NOT an American, I say his visa should be revoked and banned from this country. And I also think he should be grateful if that's all that happens to him.


Why do you say Peter is a NZ Citizen? Other than my troll comment (sorry EFM)

This is the first I heard that he came from this neck of the woods ....

I am under the impression that he is now a U.S. Citizen. Not sure though.

he has been fired! :)

Yep! NBC sacked him. Arnet has lived in the US for 20 years. I don't know if he is a citizen or not but he is from NZ.

He might be a good reporter but he is a lowlife in the way he gets his stories. I bet he would sell his soul to the devil to get the inside scoop on Hell. Oh wait, he just did that.

I heard on the news that he became a naturalized American citizen about 20 years ago. I think he should be tried for treason. Clearly, the propoganda he gave to the Iraqis gave their military a significant boost in morale. That is no less than providing aid and comfort to the enemy in time of war. That makes him a traitor.

Try him. Convict him. Hang him.


Talking about the traitor thing, all this reminds me of Jane Fonda. Not sure if this is an internet urban legend or not but I read that on one of her trips to communist Vietnam in the early 70's they brought her to meet some US POW's. They just wanted to show her how well they were treating them. When she shook one of the POW's hands, he slipped her a note. Being the upright individual she is, she handed it over to one of her Vietnamese escorts. The note told of how the prisoners were being brutally tortured. I think you can pretty much guess what happened to that POW.

Wonder if she thinks about that from time to time? RR.

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