O/T> War> Peter Arnett/NBC interview on Iraqi TV:

That's no urban legend... that really happened. Jane, the traitor of yesterday. Peter, the traitor of today. Both not-guilty due to celebrity status.


Add Sean Penn to that list of traitorous bastards.

Also, regarding "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. She did some despicable things during the Vietnam war. My dad was roommates with John McCain at the Naval Academy and at flight training in Pennsacola as well. She tried to interview McCain when he was a POW and she was a guest of the communist regime and McCain refused. Just ask Sen. McCain what he thinks of Ms. Fonda/Turner/Ho-Bag.

Did she ever apologize for what she did? I'm just curious if she has a conscience.

I know country joe mcdonald was feeling bad about his lyrics hurting some soldiers (though they weren't really directed against soldiers)- and has been a vet's advocate since then.

Nope, never apologized. She should have been prosecuted.

Chaindrive, Peter(as in phallis) is nothing but a liberal,lying,sissy(did you see him crawling on the floor like a baby when the air strikes started? What a hoot!). And not worth our disdain. He's right where he should be, with a liberal,commie, Tabloid. The Mirror is about as credible as the Enquirer. Whether he takes the job or not, His career is shot. Way to go Penis, I mean Peter, it's not very often we get to see someone commit professional suicide on T.V.! :):D

OUCH :D Could'nt agree more. OT Drew what happened to the twins?? :)

Flame the *$# %* # @&*#$!!! :D :D :):D :D

I understand that the job they gave Peter was a paper route in Bagdad. :)

A buddy of mine was float tube fishing in Montana down a creek that runs through Ted Turner's property. He says you can't own the river or creeks so people are allowed to pass through. As he was going through Turners property who should be fishing there but Jane. She told him he was tresspassing and he explained to her that she was ignorant of the laws of Montana and she could go f herself.

:):D Wish I could have been there.

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