Frame differences '98-'00 any?

Any differences between the frames on a '98 WR400 compared to a '00 with respect to swapping the parts over?

I have an opportunity to buy a '00 WR for a pretty sweet deal, but the owner/dealer lost the C/O:bonk: Which makes registration a pain, so much that it would be easier to swap everything over to a titled frame, which I've found a '98 frame for pretty cheap, that has a C/O.

by C/O I mean the certificate of origin that the dealer gives you (or holds on to incase of a note) and then you take that to DMV for a title.

I had a 2000wr400. the 98 and 99 frames are the same. The 2000 is a little different around the steering head. Its nothing major and I don't see any reason why the parts would not fit.

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