Canadian models defected too

I was just about to load my bike up, and i decided to start it with the e-button and gave it a little of gas and it went clunk and bang. Then i tried it agian an all the starter did was spin. man am i ever pissed. I took off the the liitle plastic cap and i could spin the rotor nut by hand.I am asumming this is what happens when the woodruff key shears off. I only got 60 km on the bike. I was hoping my bike wouldn't have this problem because it is a fairly late prouduction. It was made in 01/03 and the frame ser.# is 2875 and the eng. ser# is 5251. I am taking it back to the dealer tommorow. Does any body no what or how they should be fixing it, so i don't end up just getting a patch job.

It is a patch job but it will last as good as new. Dont worry, once it is lapped it will last a long time. Just ride the bike and enjoy.

I thought that I had read somewhere that there was a cut off (Production # Wise) for these woodruff key failures.Indy? That does SUCK.However I still LOVE MY WR.From what I understand it's a pretty simple fix though.

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