Keith from Riverside

Yo Keith,

First let me start by saying I had a great time meeting and shooting the sh*t with you at the TT Ride. You are a funny man. I would like to get together again sometime in the future for more fun. Perhaps we can meet half way?

Keep us up to date on your Bike. I do hope for the best for you.

Take care,


[ September 24, 2002, 11:15 AM: Message edited by: Fryboy ]

Ditto Keith, you are a hoot even if you did not bring any Tag paint :)

We will be hooking up in May again but who knows maybe we will make it ealrier down in your hood



Are you guys askng me out on a date??? i knew it should'nt of ask for that group hug I FEEL THE LOVE!!!!!


keith I am down for a ride down there.When your bike is back up and running let me know.I'd like to hook up and ride.I got the rope :):D

Well now that you mention it.After you struck that pose on the table. hearts.gifJK :):D


What's up with your local track dude? :):D Just given you greef - good to meet you on the TT ride and I hope the bike prob. is on the clutch side as we talked about.


I could not post the one picture of kieth, he is a mad man, the picture was just to risqué

And that just should not be seen by mere mortals

Post the PIC EGO we're all adults here. I suppose if it is that risque then you could use it for blackmail...

Ohhh yes.... He did look sexy striking that pose. :)

Keep us up to date on your ride.


Hey guys look like ill be up that way hopefully thanksgiving weekend so we willhave to hook up then and go for a few rides as far as the bike goes ill have to keep you guys up to date on all that....PEACE

Hey "if you got it FLAUNT it baby" :):D:D

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