Sorry to Mike68.....

This morning I read a post from Mike saying that he'll be leaving us..

Mike,I dont really understand what you do for a living that doesnt allow you to comment on "OHV" subjects but I feel that I got your feathers ruffled on the "How loud is loud"? post. For that im truly sorry to you and didnt mean to get you upset or angry. On you post "The bends" I offered some good advice to you and even a set of my Bars for free. I didnt hear back from you, I hope that you are not mad at me. I hope to hear from you soon...... Dan Lorenze


I was never mad or offended. Thanks for the offer on the bars as well. That was nice and apreciated.


okay well ive read various posts...Cant quite work out the connection of Mike68 and Camelback etc... can someone lead me in the right direction to read up on the bigger picture here?? having to resign from Thumpertalk seems a bit extreme...?? so before I rant away, I would'nt mind understanding what happened.

Read, "I found the mole". And I'm throwing my camelback away! :) Don't use it anymore anyway.

Mike, keep fightin the good fight.

[This message has been edited by Mojo (edited 03-29-2001).]

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