Sheared the Woodruff Key today....

Did it at Foresthill, luckily just returned from Trail 6 and only needed to get a tow for a few miles. So far I have been TOTALLY disappointed with the WR450... My WR426 had more bark and the bite to back it up!

If your 426 had more beans, something is wrong. Is your jetting right, throttle stop out? I do not mean to sound like a smart ass. Mine stands up real good even in a 5th gear wheelie. The motor is different, but I would not say less power. The YZ 450 is said to have waaay more than a 426. You have the cam so you have that motor. I think you just have to get it dialed. This is a better bike in every way. I would not get to excited about the woodruff key. Mass panic does not help the problem. ---Mike

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