Erratic Idle

I have a CRF50 & a CRF70. They both have eratic idles - not terrible, but wanders around more than I like it too. I heard that the likely problem is a plugged pilot. How do I remove the pilot & clean it?

Well I read you couldn't remove them but on my grandsons bike that I picked up used I removed it and cleaned it. It's not necessary if you have an air compressor, very small wire, and carb cleaner. I was curious so I removed it. This cleaning didn't help the idle. It would go up, down, and hang just all over the place. I would get it close and it would change. I ended up checking the valve clearance. The intake valve was way to tight. I adjusted it and the bike now runs way better and idles like a champ. He can now take off in third gear where before it struggled in second. You may also want to check your air filters.

I had noticed the same thing on my crf70. I had a rpm gauge on it and it bounced up and down. Same problem with starting in second, I think I'll check the valves. This was just the info I was searching for, Thanks.

You are very welcome. It was driving me nuts and my grandson.

I will check that as well, I just got my son an 02 XR 50 from a friend and the idle would jump around as well, tend to stay high after letting off on throttle. I cleaned the carb, changed the plug, cleaned the filter so I will now check the valve clearance.

Thank you

I checked the valves in our 70, and the intake was too tight, It still bounces a bit at idle but not as bad as it used too. I dont notice any difference driving, but Then again the bike wasnt made to haul around an adult. Ill have to ask my son if he noticed if it felt better.

Good deal.

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