No throttle stop on canadian models

I had my canadian model wr 450 apart today and was looking to take the throttle stop out. so i took the carb off and looked at it and it doesnt stop it at 3/4 the slide opened all the way. But I think it does still have the grey wire. is the grey wire in a clear 6-pack connecter. There was a grey wire with a little silver dot and a blue one right beside it also with a little silver dot on it. I was looking a pic posted and it looked very similar. what the litte silver dot mean? Also what is this airbox lid or baffle I have been hearing about. There is nothing like what there was on the wr 400 were there was a lid that covered the airbox. All that is on mine is the battery tray with two holes on the back end.

Cdn models don't have the grey wire, throttle stop, or weird jetting.

They do have the sky blue wire if you are interested in that mod. I disconnected the sky blue wire in the 6 wire connector instead of the 1/2 wire connector so that it was disconnecting the CDI but leaving the neutral switch active for the e-start. Then again I shorted out the clutch switch so it doesn't really matter.

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