Know of any riding near Vail?

Any of you Colorado riders know of any single track around Vail?

I've heard there is some good stuff but haven't ridden it.

Or how about Breckenridge? I've ridden many of the 4wd trails (Georgia Pass etc). But is there any single track?


Bryan in Denver...

[ September 24, 2002, 01:44 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]

Hey Bry;

I haven't ridin in the Vail area, so cannot help there.........but all my riding buds say there is some killer single track in that area.

Sounds like you've taken off from the North/Middle/South fork area back behind Tiger Run up at Breck. As you know, North fork heads up way high, and get's you back to Montazuma, and Red Cone. If you looking for great single track, head up S. Fork towards Breck. LOT's of great single track back in the tree's........... want a little beta on some secret single track....check your P.M.'s :) ......

Peace dude;

Dodger :D:D

Thanks Dodger.

I've ridden the 4wd roads up near Montezuma until I'm blue in the face. I haven't had much time to ride this summer (been riding the Ducati), so I want some fun single track.

I was going to do a trip to Crested Butte or Steamboat, but all my buddies cancelled out for various reasons. Plus I'd rather do a day trip anyway (Thursday).

I know there are many mountain bike trails near Breck and I've ridden many of them. But I'm not sure if I am supposed to ride them on big blue.

(Back at cha on the PM)


[ September 24, 2002, 01:59 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]

Ducati.......damn man, your sooooo lucky sport12.gif

Peace bro...

Dodger :):D

Aw come on Dodger, let me in on the secret! :)

Hey Bry;

Just kinda thought of this, but have you ridden up out of Boulder here??? Starting at West Magnolia, we hit up tones of single track that go all the way over to Winter Park, with very minimal 4x4 road links.......close, very technical, and extreamly fun. Who knew Winter Park was only 30 miles from Ned :) .........


Dodger :D:D

No, I've never ridden near Boulder. I thought with all those Greenies, they would ban dirt bikes from even being in the back of a truck.

I have Friday off too. Sounds like Breck on Thursday, and Boulder on Friday.

Have any maps? I need a trail head. That sounds awesome!

Does the trail to Winter Park go over Rollins Pass? I grew up near Winter Park.

I might have to call you tomorrow, Wednesday, and get some trail info. Thanks!

[ September 24, 2002, 03:04 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]

Hahahahaha, your funny :) ....actually, your not too far off :D ........check your PM's...

Dodger :D:D

Hey Bry!!!

Long time!

How is life treating you??

I'm doing great. Although, this Freak'n economy has me on a tight budget.

You know, I haven't ridden in Moab since that TTalk weekend a couple of years ago. That's pathetic!

How are you doing? Been riding much?


P.S. TTalk is kicking ass since I turned it over to Bryan and Steve. We are all lucky to have those guys running the ship.

Just my luck.

I took today and tomorrow off from work to ride and it snowed in Colorado. I was going to ride where Dodger suggested up near Nederland but it snowed quite a bit on top of the mountains. Looks like our high country riding is coming to an end for 2002.

However, I did take the Ducati to Nederland today after the rain stopped and it was beautiful!

And I called the ranger district near Woodland Park and those trails won't be open until next year.

Looks like Rampart tomorrow.

YUCK! I'm SOOOOO tired of Rampart whoops!

At least I get to ride!



Snow, our biggest nemesis..........

Hey, just think of it this way, "it's just another type of practice", right :) .........

To bad the weather didn't cooperate, Rampart is at least riding. If you ever want to get guided around up here, just let me know........we still have a little really cool riding left :D ..........


Dodger :D:D

[ September 26, 2002, 08:11 PM: Message edited by: Dodger ]

Hey Bryan,

You can check out the NCTR if you are dying to ride some good single track. This weekend they are supposed to go to Taylor Park outside of Buena Vista. I'm not recommending them but they are going. I joined for the information.

I think they may make you join to go $20 but the riding is awesome. You could also go there by yourself and just ride but I'm sure they know a lot of the trails. According to Malcom Smith, this is some of the best single track in the world.

I have ridden Webster Pass, Red Cone Peak, Georgia Pass, etc. for over 23 years. It has awesome views but it's all fire roads.

You can ride similar type terrain outside of Leadville over Mosquito Pass.

You could also try riding Holy Cross which is rated very high on the difficulty scale for 4x4's. I've not ridden this but it's supposed to be very rocky and nasty.

Rand Colorado has some great single track and varied trails. I haven't ridden there in a long time but they ran a National Enduro there this year.

There is always Rampart Range which is crowded.



Northern Colorado Trail Riders (NCTR) :)

Actually the National that was suppose to be held at Rand this year got canceled cause of the fire danger but the single track is great there.

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