sheared key patch

My key has sheared twice once before lapping and once after. The second time I was in the

hills two miles from truck.The flywheel turned easily independently of the crank.At the time

I tried to line up the keyway without flywheel removal unsuccessfully.

Since then the bike has not failed again but I have only rode fifty miles somewhat afraid

of having to leave it in the middle of nowhere. Today I marked the end of the crank with a

small dot at 12 oclock position and flywheel at top dead center now if the nut backs off

and the Key shears I can put the dot on crank at 12oclock and the flywheel at TDC then

Tighten the nut this may allow me to ride out.

Gas, did you try the loctite after you lapped it? How about grinding or filing the flat of the woodruff key down a bit (especially toward the engine side) in case it is interfering? This is all theory right now, but if your's goes again, it'd be worth a shot. The indexing marks are a very good idea. I sure hope you find something that works! Good luck!

Yes the last time loctite was applied to the taper not just the nut. My dealer has done all

the work on the key problem for me. I must say my dealer is great he even offered my old

bike to use when my WR was down.I actually worked at this dealership in 1972 to 1974 and

again in1979 to 1983 and went to all Honda tech schools dealership sells Honda's also.

I am glad most people have not had this many problems, the bike is great as long as it

is running it starts great and good response when jetted and free mods are done. Thanks

for the other tips.

You may need to start with a new crank and flywheel and refit and lap them. red Loctite will finish the job and you should be happy like the rest of us. You may have incurred to much wear damage from the first failure.

What Loctite is used because if it wasn't a non-threaded cylindrical retaining compound such as 638 or 648, I am not sure it would have done much.

Just looking for clarification so that correct information is passed on to all those who haven't done anything yet. :)

According to the bulletin its #648.

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