Help me decide on my yz426!

Ok so here is my problem. I raced motocross for many years. I wasnt great but I was a front of the pack B rider. I got burnt out on it after awhile and I also had my first child back in Sept. So I decided to turn my yz426 into a supermoto and ride it back and forth to work and around town and what not. As you can see by hte pics I did it right. Everything was powder coated and/or replaced. It is a VERY nice bike.





I have had it on the road for a few months now. But it just doesnt have the excitment that I wanted it to. I ride to work and stuff but the thrill that I am looking for just isnt there on the street. And I have gotten the bug back and want to get back out on the track also. So I went out and found a GREAT deal on a 1999 cr125 thinking that it would cure my bug.



I got one ride on it (in the woods) and the top end came apart in it. Which I can fix no problem. But....After riding a four stroke for so long and getting back on a 2 smoke it just didnt cut it for me. So my question to all you fine folks is this.....I am thinking about selling all the supermoto stuff off of the 426 and getting it back into some dirt shoes. It will be a REALLY REALLY nice dirt bike. Is this a good idea or should I just fix the 125 and ride it and be happy. I am very torn. Help me make up my mind.

How 'bout you ditch the 125 for whatever you can get, or fix it and sell it for whatever you can get, keep the SM, and buy another 426, or an early 450 for $16-1800?

What do you think I could get out of the 125 in good running condition? I gave $200 put plastic and graphics on it and cleaned it up. I only have about $500 in it total right now. My thing on buying another bike is that i know it wont be set up the way I want it and I will drop way too much money into yet ANOTHER bike. lol

Dude, keep the SM and ditch that old 125. There are INSANE deals on bikes right now and you can find 2006 + for dirt cheap prices. You have lots of time and $$$ into that SM, why waist it. Trust me, you don't know what you have until it's gone. (ie, my 06, and 08 :ride:) :thumbsup::ride::worthy:

hey, jr_vw2what do you want for the sm set up I want to convert mine.

If you realy dont like it, you must just be rideing on the road

go to you tube and check out supermoto guys on the street

jump everything, wheelies stuff like that.

You got the money into it try it

I have tried to a screwing around on the streets but it's just not very much fun riding by yourself. So even if I pull off my best wheelie or get it flat in a turn I'm the only one who sees it. Well me and maybe a cop. This bike draws alot of attention so there for I don't get It much cuz. I don't want a ticket

Try a new discipline.

Sell em both. Get a new left over 08 or 09 YZ450. Set it up for woods and go racing.

great looking SM, you did an awesome job.

What light kit did you use to convert your YZ?

keep the SM im in the middle of turning my 08 450 into one. Ditch the old 125 man

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