Hard to Kick/Start

I posted this about a week ago but i'm still looking for an answer. The bike (2006 yz450) runs great once started but the process of starting it is impossible. I can't start it unless i'm on a stand or leaning on something. Some times when i kick it feels almost locked up and have to do a slow stroke to get the engine turned over. i just had the clutch basket out doing a clutch, is there anything i could have done putting the basket back in while meshing the gears that would have caused this? The bike used to start effortlessly and now i hate it. Hot starts are worse than cold starts. I have not checked the valves or timing yet but i was wondering if anyone else has seen this or believes it's related to the clutch basket removal/installation. Thanks.

I posted this about a week ago but i'm still looking for an answer. ...I have not checked the valves or timing yet
Explain why. That's what you were advised to do when your post was answered last time, no?

Yes, we have seen it. That's why the cam timing was suggested as a place to start. The cam timing can slip because of a kinked chain at any time without warning, and a cold start is one of the more likely times.

You could have broken a tooth off the kick gear or the idler, but it doesn't sound like that's it. You could look though.

Just to close out the thread, after playing with the jetting with no progress i decided to dive into the engine, which the required the help of my mechanic at Total Control Racing Suspension in Burlington NC. What they found was that the cam chain tensioner had failed and my cam chain was also extremely stretched. So obviously those two parts were replaced with OEM parts. After almost a full engine tear down to ensure that there was no other damage, and checking the valves (which always seem to be in spec), and reassembly the engine runs great.

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