Brake light for wr450???

Does any one know a good way to get the tail light to work as a brake light. I need a brake light to be street rideable. Any input would be helpfull.. thanks..

Everything but the hydraulic brake light switch, available from many aftermarket sources including Baja Designs, is already there in the earlier models. I don't know about the 450's. Look at your bulb and socket. If it is two element, you are set.

Personally, I like the lower profile YZ fender, it is easier to swing your leg over. Then you can add a UFO taillight/fender extension/license plate holder. Mine even has the rear turn signals built in.

I mounted it using "fastnuts" and a universal quick-connector for the wiring. All it takes is the removal of 4 screws (and I don't need a wrench to hold the nuts) and unplug it and the whole assembly comes off for off-road riding/racing. I have an extra 'blank' male quick-connector that I then plug into the socket left under the fender to keep out mud 'n crud. Works sweet! :)

Will the pressure switch bolt fit with the new mastercylinder design? ---Mike

Thanks chaindrive, Yes the bulb is dualfil. the only thing i need is the pressure switch, do you know the www. for bajadesigh??

superbike, I am unfimilar with this presure switch, I know the brake cylinder is new for this year, I am just not sure!!!

Let us know which one you end up using and how it works out.

The Baja Designs hydraulic brake switch will fit the WR450. There was an issue if the new master was too high for the switch to fit under the subframe but it worked out fine. The tail light is dual mode and all is there to splice in to the existing running light. Downside ? Unless you did additional wiring, the brake light will then only work when the running lights are switched on.

COOL!!! Thanks very much guys.. It's on the way, hope some day to return the favor... Any time your around the IDAHO area let's ride....

Yep the hydraulic switch works fine. They come standard on both the front and rear master cyclinder on the AU/NZ models of WR450/WR250's.

Unless you guys get different tail lights, the standard one on mine is a dual filament.

What is the best way to wire one of these brake switches into the WR450? Would it be possible to wire it through the on/off switch?

i bought the brake switch from white brothers, i think that it is the same that baja designs sells. replace the banjo bolt on the rear master cylinder with the new switch and bleed the brakes. i ran both wires up the subframe to the back of the airbox. i the ran one wire to the hot battery terminal putting a simple inline fuse in between just in case. i then added some wire to the other one and simply spliced it in to the yellow wire that goes back to the taillight. the is a bundle of 3 wire behind the airbox going back to the tailight. just splice into the yellow one and your in business. by tying into the battery, your brake light will work anytime, even if the bike is not running.


That was my concern, I was afraid the pressure switch would not fit in the tiny space. Thanks for the wiring tip. I was wondering where to splice it in. I like the idea of it working all the time. ---Mike

Thanks to all for the information and wiring tips!

One more question since we're on this subject: (:)) Do most of the dual-sport kits out there utilize just a rear hydraulic brake switch or one on both the front and rear?


I am not an expert on Dual sport kits but I have never seen an aftermarket kit that has a front master cylinder brake switch. One of our Down Under Brethern said they have them on the Austrailian/ New Zealand WR450s. I'll take his word on that!!!!!!!!


I used a Goodrich banjo bolt pressure switch in my rear m/c. The wire for the brake light was already there up by the airbox. I grabbed juice from the running light circut, then ran the other wire to the brake light wire. I hear you can't use the banjo bolt on the '03's as they have no clearence. Good luck,


Hey, I followed the instructions from trc52001 and it worked. It was incredibly easy to do. I used a white bro's switch, and it fit perfectly. Amazingly easy. I was not too sure what amp fuse to use, so I used a 10Amp fuse. If this is not enough, let me know, I bought a selection of fuses. I am in Langley BC Canada, and I bought the switch from Western Powersports and it cost me $30. I think it took longer to bleed the brakes than to do the actual wiring. Anyways, thanks for posting the info. Now, I only need the 17" wheels, excell rims, talon hubs, etc etc etc....... :)

Hey Fugazi, ya, it was easy wasn't it. It only took us about an hour to do the whole job, and that was taking our time too. And the light is super bright too.


How are you guys protecting the hydraulic brake wire from heat? The BD brake switch fits well, but the wires and connectors are right next to the exhaust and I'm worried about melting them.

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