Brake light for wr450???

That was a concern of mine too, but what we did was to route the wires along the outside of the frame member that was above the master cylinder. We secured the line with a couple of zip ties. I don't think that the heat will become a problem, and the lines are close enough to the frame, and tight enough, that I am not worried about any stray branches catching it and ripping it off.

Yeah no probs with heat, :) ran the cable right up the sub frame and under the side pannel.Just make sure when you wrap your zap straps not to have them to close to your exhaust or those will melt.

If you are worried about the wires being too close to the exhaust you can buy heat resistant sleeving from a good electrical supply house. The sleeving we get around here is a woven white material used in appliance repair (toasters).

The brake light switch wiring came with a sleeve around the wires already. I have no idea if the sleeve will provide any protection at all from the heat. I believe that it will provide some protection from the heat, and protection from branches and twigs hitting it. But considering where the wiring was routed, its no real concern.

yeah hes my mechanic so he knows best....... smashpc.gif

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