What do you think?

Hey guys,

I have come over from the orange side. My main ride is a 2003 525 MXC. My uncle is selling his 1997 XR 600. The thing is mint and is fully street legal a la baja designs.

I am looking to buy a dual sport bike to cruise around town and to double as a buddy bike.

What do you think a bike like this is worth?


2 thrashed XR 350's, a weekend in Moab, 3 CD's and a spare wheel for yer truck. $2650 is my guess. Check cycletrader.com and see what they go for.

Motorcycle value is a regional thing - here in the midwest that bike is worth $2000 - $2300. Great value -

I'd be interested in more detail on the XR600 myself. PM me the info, if you are interested.

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