XR Fork bottom Bolt

I am in the process of replacing both fork seals and two bushings on my 93 XR600R. Everything went just as outlined in the manual (Honda) until I tried to tighten the bottom bolt into the bottom piece. It won't tighten much beyond finger tight. The Honda shop manual (93') doesn't give a torque spec for the bottom bolt. The bottom piece seems to just rotate inside the piston tube and retainer as I try to tighten it. The only special tool listed in my Honda manual is a tool for the retainer. I looked at the cartridge holding tool at the Race Tech website and it doen't look like it could possibly work on my forks??? Am I missing something? How tight should this be? The printout I got from Race tech said 25 in/lbs (they listed it as Compression Valving Shaft Nut Torque). Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

your best bet is to use an impact gun, 3/8 should do it. also, sometimes the cartridge will still spin when you use the impact. so clamp the upper tube in a soft jaw vice and pull down on the outer tube as you tighten. that should put enough pressure on the cartridge to hold it. the bottom bolt torque is 25ft.lbs

Thanks YZFXR, I've tried a 1/2" impact very gently but when I turned the air way down to prevent damaging the aluminum threads it didn't spin very fast. I think I'll try a 3/8" butterfly impact (also down) and see how that goes. I was thinking that maybe a little bit of loctite that was well cured on the inner retainer surface might help to prevent the spinning.. Thanks again for your suggestion.

that butterfly wrench should work good. when i put the fork in the vice and pulled against the rebound spring i was actually able to tighten the bolt down by hand with a ratchet and then used a torque wrench to finish it off.

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