05 YZ 250 fork oil capacity

I am changing my springs and figured it would be the right time to change my oil in the forks also. What oil capacity is stock? I have heard 11 mm from the top of the fork tube when fully compressed... is that right? What cc is that? I need to order enough fork oil to do 4 forks.

it's a CC fork, no measuring the airchamber.

You need about 200ml for the cartridge and 245ml for the outside.

Those numbers are per side

Straight from the manual:


Recommended oil:

Suspension oil “S1”

Oil capacity:

195cm3 (6.86 Imp oz, 6.59 US oz)


Suspension oil "S1"

Standard oil amount:

245 cm3 (8.62 Imp oz, 8.28 US oz)

Extent of adjustment:

200~300 cm3 (7.04~10.6 Imp oz,

6.76~10.1 US oz)

thanks for confirming, kidd

So to change my springs I have to take the forks most of the way apart, don't I?

you don't have to disassemble the cartridge and the fork tubes (inner and outer) don't have to be taken apart.

Just remove the caridge unit and change springs.

but to change the oil I DO have to take everything apart right?

Yeah if you're also changing the inner chamber oil.

Make sure you do some searching on here so you get your cartridge bled properly. And if you're up to the task you can make some pretty nice improvements to that fork if you'll just read a little bit on here.


I plan on replacing all bushings and seals when I get it apart, but I really want to try out different fork springs first before I tear into it to service everything just so I know exactly what I want to change.

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