Hatfield-McCoy Trails in WV

Anyone have any experience riding this trail system in WV? Wanted to get some tips before making the journey...


Hey FNG241_WR450F,

When are you going I'm going to be down their on April 19th-21. I posted some questions about it a while ago and people said it was nice. One guy said print out the maps and shrink them down in size and hole punch them and zip tie them to your handle bars, oh and laminate them. The place sounds great, if I go before you I will late you know how it is.



Yeah me and a bud went a few weeks ago. It was Unbelievable.

You can ride from the hotel to the trails. We rode our bikes through town to city hall to get our $15.00 day pass to ride trails, stoped at the gas station to fill up, then headed off to the mountains. The terrain is rocky and the trail system is like a ski slope. Green square for easy, Blue circle for medium, and Black diamond for difficult. And difficult it is. What a blast. You'll love it.

Thanks for the info. Where did you guys stay?

My Brother went their last year and said the riding was great. Mountains, hills and more mountains and hills. I would like to go on the 18-21, but a group of my buddies are going to Kentucky to the 60 mile loop Redbird trail that is located in Daniel Boone National Forest. We are leaving April 18th after work and riding the trail on Saturday the 19th.

Mountaineer Motorsports Rentals

Tim & Cherie Beheler, owners

PO Box 1807

Gilbert, WV 25621


This place is so cool. its an apt over top of a motorcycle accessory shop. Its nothing new or remodeled but way cool.

I'll try to email you some pics.

Going down for my third time Apr 7. Usually stay at The Super 8 in Logan------atv discount if you ask. Dennys and Taco Bell next to hotel. Wild Wild trails. Easy to pretty near impossible. Beautiful area. They just added a fourth trail system ----Little Coal River. Heard it's the easier one of the four.

Just make sure you lock everything up good. Heard some stories but personally I've had no problems---knock on wood. RR.

Great place. Well worth the trip. We went in March last year and not many people then. Was WFO on the main loop.

Sean let me know how Redbird is. Went there about 6yr ago but had a quad at the time and it was single track so I did'nt get to ride it.

sean, have you been to daniel boone forest? If what it the terrain like?

new2blu, yes I have been to Daniel Boone National Forest. It is some great riding. There are a lot of hills and rocks. There are even some big boulders that you have to munuever around or even jump off of. The Redbird Crest Trail is about an 80 mile loop. The maps say it is 52 miles, but I think that is air miles. I don't think there counting all the winding turns and hills. If I was to rate it on a scale from 1-10, I would have to give it a 9. Plan for the hole day. It took me and 3 others about 7 hours to do the whole thing. Some of the trail is recommended for expert riders. The group I went with and I are all pretty good riders. Were not expert and we did fine. Like I said in an earlier post a group of us is going down April 19 to the ride the loop again. Can't wait.

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