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I'm looking to buy a second hand 400/426 any common problems to keep an eye out for?

Also any info on periodic service schedule for running costs- ballpark

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Welcome Jimmy to TT...

The most obvious thing to look for is that the bike has had regular oil changes.

You can also tell how a bike has been treated by looking at the general condition of things such as sprockets, chain, plastic, frame, airfilter etc.

Obviously the newer models had improvements on the earlier year models, and a bike less ridden is preferable to one that has been ridden lots.

Once you get it, you should look at making sure that the headstem, swingarm / linkage and wheel bearings are all good and pack them full of grease. Then a general maintenance of oiling cables, and changing fluids would be appropriate.

If it starts OK, and runs OK, then it should be mechanically reasonable...

Your biggest running cost will be oil changes, plenty of info here if you use the search feature.

If the bike does need a valve adjustment, or clutch plates, then if you have the manual and are reasonably handy, you can manage those jobs yourself, and that will save money. Get a good torque wrench, a low reading 1/4 or 3/8 model.

Good luck, there are a couple of riders from down your way here and in the 250F forums...


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