Cush hubs???

I was thinking about getting a dual sport bike and noticed that my local dealer is selling brand new 03 650R's for $4650.I was looking at it and noticed that it did not have a cush hub on the rear for street use.Has anyone installed a cush hub?Where did you find it? How much did it cost?I would rather have the water cooled 650R than the air cooled 650L.I do not need to worry about street legal equipement,you do not need it where I live.

The 650L is street legal and doesn't have a cush drive.

My opinion is that it is not necessary.

A cush hub is not really necessary I don't think. I can't remember exactly the reason for them honestly. I do know that the XR650L version doesn't have a cush hub though. I have a '00 model XR650 R model, with the power up kit, and dual sport kit, and almost 5000 miles on it, with no problems. In fact, my bike has never had any sort of problems at all since I've had it. So it's my opinion that you probably don't need to worry about getting a cush hub.


Thanks for the input.I have been hearing conflicting reports on whether you need one or not.I suppose as long as you accelerate smoothly on pavement you should be allright.

My understanding is that cush hubs prevent transmission damage due to the shock of shifting on pavement - the dirt allows wheelspin to take that shock, so dirt bikes don't have them. I have only one anecdotal bit to base this on - an XR400 rider whose gearbox went, and whose dealer wouldn't guarantee it because it was ridden on the street.

Ok, thats makes sense. I was wondering what the cush hubs were for.

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