Motorcycle USA superstore and Canada shipping

Some of you canadian folks ever ordered gears at the Motorcycle USA superstore? How much does it cost to cross the border. I spoke to one of the guys from the superstore and they told me I would have to pay the retail price, the USA delivery fees, the 7$ supplement for canadian delivery fees and the 2$ handling fees but they don't know how much it's gonna cost to cross that da..ed border...

Please help

Thanks to you guys

I have ordered a few things from the US, but nothing from Motorcycle USA. My experience has been that by the time you pay the duty, shipping and exchange you usually end up paying as much as it costs from your dealer. Sometimes you get lucky and don't have to pay the duty so you save a few dollars.

Thanks Woodzi,

You are right about the prices but the problem that I have is to find some of the items they sell. I have been waiting for too long now for that Thor SVR2 Helmet and also for the knew thor force knee guards and so many other things... I think that , at least, I would finally get them if I deal with the superstore...

Have you tried I have enjoyed doing business with them in the past. I havn't had anything shipped into Canada yet but the U.S. shipping great.


the most important thing to remember when ordering from the usa is never ever have it shipped via ups (or any ground courier company for that matter) , they will ream you with a brokerage fee when it crosses the border . have it sent via usps , if the shipper will not do that for you buy elsewhere , explain the situation and most companies will ship usps . not sure about the big accessory warehouses as they usually have a contract with specific courier companies .

to give you an idea of shipping $$ , my sister recently sent me a helmet from charlotte nc via usps AIR and the charge was $20 us , she also claimed it was a gift and duty . you might want to check e-bay , there are some good deals to be had on brand new helmets there as well , just add the exchange and shipping charges and compare that with your local dealers asking price .

machine racing and blackfoot motorsports do mail order in canada as well as a few others like royal distributing and i know atv charleys in ns is a thor distributor , check them out , you never know .

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